A thesis presented by Qiwen Ju, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design in the Department of Graphic Design of the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island. 

Opening Apertures
Relevant Terms
Multiple Perspectives
︎︎︎ Stereotype
︎︎︎ Stop Asian Hate Poster
︎︎︎ On This Day
Interview with Yiyang Hei
Shifting Perspective
︎︎︎ Maze
︎︎︎ Alienation
︎︎︎ Moiré Typeface
Studying Perspective
︎︎︎ Reframing Story
My Perspective
︎︎︎ Escape From Reality
︎︎︎ El Lissitzky And Werner Jeker
︎︎︎ The Grid
︎︎︎ If You Could See What I Hear



The Battle is Joined, Karyn Olivier, 2017
After several studies on multiple perspectives, I began to have new questions. If the role of multiple perspectives in my design is to make the audience think and associate spontaneously, then how can I actively influence the audience’s perspective through design? My answer is interaction. Interaction requires keeping the audience and the design in the same dimension, allowing the audience to be integrated into the work. As Karyn Olivier describes her sculpture, The Battle Is Joined, she said: “My reinterpretation of the Battle of Germantown Memorial will ask the monument to serve as a conductor of sorts. It will transport, transmit, express, and literally reflect the landscape, people, and activities that surround it. We will be reminded that this memorial can be an instrument and we, too, are instruments — the keepers and protectors of the monument, and in that role, sometimes we become the very monument itself.”