A thesis presented by Qiwen Ju, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design in the Department of Graphic Design of the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island. 

Opening Apertures
Relevant Terms
Multiple Perspectives
︎︎︎ Stereotype
︎︎︎ Stop Asian Hate Poster
︎︎︎ On This Day
Interview with Yiyang Hei
Shifting Perspective
︎︎︎ Maze
︎︎︎ Alienation
︎︎︎ Moiré Typeface
Studying Perspective
︎︎︎ Reframing Story
My Perspective
︎︎︎ Escape From Reality
︎︎︎ El Lissitzky And Werner Jeker
︎︎︎ The Grid
︎︎︎ If You Could See What I Hear




Bethany Johns

Graphic Design Graduate Program Director
Graphic Design, Professor

Nancy Skolos

Primary Thesis Advisor
Graphic Design, Professor

Thomas Wedell

Secondary Thesis Advisor
Graphic Design, Senior Critic

Ryan Waller

Tertiary Thesis Advisor
Graphic Design, Critic

Jessica Helfand

External Thesis Critic
Design Observer, Co Founder
MIT Department of Architecture, Visiting Professor

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